Tesla Model S: Another Autopilot Controversy Brews After Red-Light Dash

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Tesla’s Autopilot system is possibly the biggest controversy in the automotive scene in recent years and this is due to the misleading name of the feature. Many still believe that using Autopilot on their Model S will stop the need for them to drive but that is not true at all.

Leaving Autopilot operating on its own has claimed many lives hence the controversies. If that is not bad enough, the feature has exposed a number of Model S owners acting irresponsibly when commuting like recording themselves sleeping throughout the journey or simply making a nuisance inside the car.

Today, we can add another one to that and it is with disobeying a major road law. A video was shared online earlier today and it shows a Model S beating the red light without any form of intervention from the commuter. The owner of the Model S was carefree in the whole situation as he filmed his car operating autonomously.

In this case, we would pit our blame on the commuter instead of Autopilot because the owner has broken the first rule of the system – putting the hands on the wheel at all times.

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