Tesla Model S Brings Shame To EV Reliability

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The Tesla Model S can be commended for proving that EVs can be a good alternative, if not replacement for ICE cars but this doesn’t make them a great choice in the market.

Despite having a less complex driving mechanism which suggests on stronger reliability than fuel-powered cars, the Model S has successfully pulled off the impossible by being ranked at the bottom-end of various reliability charts.

The latest chart is from a survey that was covered by WhatCar and it states there that the Model S has scored 50.9% in being defect-free. Looking into the report in detail will tell you that the Model S bodywork and non-engine electrics are prone to defects and this tells a lot about Tesla’s quality.

The last time the Model S scored badly on reliability, Tesla came out to defend their product by blasting the research data. It is perhaps time for Tesla to realize that they really need to do something about this instead of arguing over it.