Tesla Model S Caught Practicing Mass Recall, Looking Ahead At Model 3?

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Being a new carmaker in the industry, there are many firsts for Tesla to conquer and today the company made an attempt at another achievement – a mass recall.

Tesla announced online that about 123,000 units of the Model S produced before April 2016 are being recalled making it the biggest one for the car yet. The aim of the recall is to fix the faulty steering issues found with the Model S that is putting the commuters at greater risk of a crash.

Tesla revealed that several examples of the Model S are caught with a corroded power steering bolts hence the recall program.

More importantly, we are interested to see how the recall is being handled since it is the biggest one yet for the Model S. If things are to go smoothly, we can have a more positive expectation of the inevitable Model 3 recall taking place in the future.

The build quality of the Model 3 has been really poor and a recall is predicted to happen on the horizon. With the Model 3 being the biggest volume vehicle in Tesla’s camp, the recall promises to be the biggest one yet for the carmaker to handle. Can they cope with it?