Tesla Model S & Model X, No Future Plan

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The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X played an important role for Tesla as it was the first models that put Tesla on the market but it looks like Tesla has no plans to continue with them after the production of the current model comes to an end.

According to CNBC, Tesla is looking to update their Model S and that the updated model which will come with more range and a bigger battery would be arriving in September.

However, according to Elon Musk, they are not working on any refreshed Tesla Model X or Tesla Model S. On twitter, he also added that some minor ongoing changes will happen but that is it. He also added that they are not looking to update the interior anytime soon as well.

Tesla is not for keeping the updates minor but frequent so this does not surprise us at all. As for those looking to see a refresh Tesla Model X or Model S, well, it looks like it is not going to happen at least in the near future.