Tesla Model S: Next Major Goal Is Video Games On-Screen!

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Tesla may be the most controversial automaker in recent memory but we can still commend them for giving electric cars that much-needed push. The Model S has basically proved to the world that EVs can replace ICE cars but that alone isn’t satisfying enough for Tesla.

If running on electricity is not enough, Tesla has decided to create mayhem by offering Autopilot. The autonomous system is not fully-ready for current roads but that has not changed Tesla’s mind.

Now, there is an even bigger goal for the Model S and it is for the car to have a “super fun game to play on the vehicle’s infotainment system”. Elon Musk made this statement earlier today and they are now looking for game developers to work something out.

Before you worry about distracted driving, you should know that Tesla won’t allow the games to be played when the car is on the move. That is a certainty and we will actually be surprised if the opposite is to happen.