Tesla Model S P100D Destroys Hopeful Mustang Drivers

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If you have been following the automotive industry closely, then you should know that the Model S P100D from Tesla is not a car to mess around with on the straight line. The P100D, when operating on Ludicrous Mode, can outpace the best of cars on the drag strip hence it should not be taken lightly.

Well, some Ford Mustang drivers learned this the hard way when they thought they can bully a Model S P100D on the streets. The Mustangs in the video below are fully modified and some models are tuned to offer about 1,000hop. The street racers are clear fast but to think that a modded Mustang can outpace the Model S P100D is just absurd.

Both cars were spotted making things official when they compete on the straight line and it saw the Mustang showing a lot of struggle to keep up with the Model S P100D. The latter may have lost it on power count but its extreme torque and lightweight setup allows it to fly past a modded Mustang with ease.