Tesla Model S P100D Destroys Toyota Supra Ahead Of Successor’s Arrival

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What is there not to like about the Tesla Model S P100D? While it may not be the best car around the track, the P100D has put EVs on a positive light thanks to Ludicrous Mode. When Ludicrous Mode is activated, the P100D can burst into speed but this is best applied on the straight line.

We have seen many videos of the Model S P100D beating iconic sports cars in the market with its 2.3 seconds 0-60MPH time. So when we came across a video of the P100D competing against a heavily modded 1000hp Supra, we can’t help but to hope for a different result.

But to our surprise, the less powerful and heavier P100D is still faster than the Supra on the quarter-mile challenge. This is quite a bummer as the timing of the P100D’s victory can take away any aftermarket prospects with the next-gen Supra. You can check out the happening in the video below.