Tesla Model S P100D Was Launched With A Leash

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What is there not to like about the all-new Tesla Model S P100D? We can easily confirm that the P100D offers the best performance and driving range in the market despite it being very expansive to own.

The P100D is slotted above the P90D and this means that it is the fastest EV car on the planet. But then again, today we learned that the P100D is not exactly the complete package, just like every other vehicle from Tesla Inc.

Yes you read that right. It was confirmed earlier today that every vehicle produced by Tesla has been ‘nerfed’ with a software. The software prevents the car from using the “launch mode” repeatedly in a bid to protect drivetrain components.

Well, it is no longer the case today after an update was spotted removing this limitation. This means that the P100D has lost its leash and it can bring out full power even after multiple high-speed launches. Whether this is for the better of the car remains to be answered.