Tesla Model S: Quality Misery Indifferent To Alfa Romeo!

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The Tesla Model S is easily the best EV in the market right now as the car offers the best range and performance around. We would gladly agree to this point but this won’t change our negative perception on Tesla’s build quality.

Despite all the goodness that is with the Model S, the vehicle is still not on par with other vehicles with similar pricing, in terms of quality. Various videos, reviews and experiences with the Model S have proved that the Tesla is behind in quality finish and this hints on poor reliability in the long run.

We are not hating on Tesla here as all we are wishing for is improvements from the carmaker on this front. What we hate, however, are the brand worshippers that can’t even accept this well-proven criticism.

So to those that are claiming on some double standards from the car community when judging Tesla differently to Alfa Romeo, you should know that the vast majority don’t pretend Alfa is high quality. It is just sad to see worshippers pretending that Tesla is high quality. Please excuse our rant.