Tesla Model Y Paint Quality Not Up To Standard?

It looks like Tesla is still having an issue with the paint quality as like the Model 3 and the other Tesla models in the past, customers are now reporting that the quality of the paint job on the new Tesla Model Y does not seems to be satisfactory.

This came after a YouTuber Ryan Shaw pointed out some pain issues that his Tesla Model Y seems to have after receiving it. The vehicles were then brought to the Tesla Service Center where more buffing and corrective work were done.

After taking his vehicle to Detail Union, it was pointed out that the thickness of the paint was not even in some parts and there are even parts where there was no paint. According to the detailer, while the quality of the paint used by Tesla is great, the automaker seems to have a quality control issue.

To get it fixed, the YouTuber spent an additional $990 which is no much but still an extra expense.

Author: Staff Reporter

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