Tesla Model Y Price Hike Starts Before Release

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Tesla will usually give some of the customers a chance to buy the car first before they start adjusting the price but they have now decided to give the Tesla Model Y a price adjustment first before it arrives.

After the latest update, the Tesla Model Y will now be $1000 more expensive than the previous announcement. This includes all levels of Model Y that we see in the online configurator. The Model Y was announced with a base price of $47,000 while the all-wheel model was offered for $5,000. The top of the range model will be offered for $60,000.

Besides the newly announce Tesla Model Y, Tesla also announces that the other Tesla model will also be getting a 3% price hike as well. The price will be updated on the 2nd of April. Tesla explains that the price change was made to align their inventory prices with those seen on the Tesla website.