Tesla Model Y: So Close Now

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Tesla has been teasing us with an affordable crossover model for the longest time and we are finally going to see what it is about as Tesla will be unveiling the Tesla Model Y this week but before that happens, here is what we know about the upcoming EV model.

The Model Y will be coming in as a compact electric crossover version of the Model 3. It will be sharing about 75% of parts with the Model 3 including battery packs and motors. It will also borrow some of the Model 3 design but it will be bigger.

Because of its bigger body, the Model Y will have less range than the Model 3. While Tesla indicated that the Model Y would be coming in wiht the gull-wing doors just like the Model X, it looks like it won’t be happening anymroe which could actually be a good thing since the doors seems to have cause quite some problem for the Model X owners.

Prodcution is expected to start next year. The price is still a mystery now but maybe we will learn more about that this week.