Tesla Model Y Staying Close To Model 3

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While Tesla has not started producing the Tesla Model Y yet, it looks like they are looking to keep the upcoming electric crossover close to the Model 3.

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Model Y will most likely be built at their Fremont, California plant which is the same plant where the Tesla Model 3 is being built at right now.

Previous speculations suggest that Tesla might choose to build the Tesla Model Y is Nevada at the Gigafactory where Tesla builds their battery packs and drive units of their vehicles.

While we can see why Tesla wants to keep both models together, some people are also worried if there is really enough space for them to build the Modle Y. This is the same plant where Tesla had to build a tent outside the factory so that they can speed up the production of the Model 3.

As for the Model Y, the extra weight that the electric crossover will have to carry about mean that it will be offering a little less range when compared to the Model 3.