Tesla Model Y Still Needs Support Of Referral Program?

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Tesla announced last month that they were going to stop their referral program to lower down the cost of their vehicle but it looks like they still feel that it is neccessary as Tesla has now announce a new referral program for their customers.

According to Tesla, they will be bringing back the referral program and here is how it will work now. With each friend that a customer refers to purchase the Model X, Model S or Model 3, htey will get 2000 miles of free supercharging which is less than what the previos referral program was offering but to sweeten the deal, they will be offering a free Founder’s Series Model Y every month and a Founder’s Series Roadster 4 times a year.

The drawing for the free vehicles will start in July and every customers will only win the referral prize once. As for the new Model Y, we are expecting it to arrive this fall.