Tesla Models To Get Tesla Sentry Mode Soon

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Some Tesla owners have been complaining about the door-ding dent and were hoping that Tesla would offer some sort of solution. Luckily for them, Tesla has been listening and is looking to offer them a solution soon.

Called the Tesla Sentry Mode, Elon Musk announce that they will be offering this features to Tesla models that come with Enchanced AutoPilot capabilities. He added that the system will work like a security camera that would watch over the vehicle while it is parked.

Musk later added on twitter that all cars with AP2+ hardware will get the new system when it is released. Musk also confirmed that the Advanced Summon tech will be ready to roll out soon and that regulators has just given the system the thumbs up.

Elon Musk did not give us any release window but seeing as Musk is so ready to talk about it, it might not be that far away.