Tesla New Features Will Keep Your Dog Cool

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Tesla will be releasing a new update for their Tesla models that will help ensure that your pet is safe when you lock them in the car.

The new dog mode will keep the climate control system running for the vehicle. It will also display a message on the infotainment system to tell people that the animals are safe. In the video that Tesla release, it showed the message “My owner will be back soon, Don’t worry!”. It will then show that the climate control is on and the also show the temperature of the vehicle. All this should help make sure that nobody tries to break down your window to save the animals.

Besides the new dog mode, there is also the new Sentry mode which was made to prevent theft. The Sentry mode will monitor the vehicle at all times using the exterior camera.

The new Sentry mode was released on the Model 3 earlier this month and will be released on the Model S and Model X soon.