Tesla New Traffic Light Feature Explained

Tesla drivers can soon depend on their Tesla model to stop at traffic lights as new videos showing the Model 3 doing just that was leaked online.

The video, shot by Out of Spec Motoring showed the VE model stopping for the traffic light. This feature has been something that the fans have been looking forward to getting for years now so it is nice to see that Tesla is still working on it and have not given up on it just yet.

The new leaked manual also showed that the Model 3 and Model Y could be coming in with a new tech called the Stopping at Traffic LIghts and Step Sign. The name itself makes it pretty clear what the new tech will do.

Of course, Tesla has not announced anything yet but it is believed that the tech will be a part of the Autopilot feature on the Tesla models. What owners are wondering now is if those that did not get the FSD option will get the new feature or not.

Author: Staff Reporter

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