Tesla Pickup Pockets Picked By Workhorse W-15

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Tesla may be the youngest and the best carmaker in the world of EVs but that doesn’t guarantee them a safe spot in the market. This is because there are now many newcomers joining in the EV fun in hopes of making it big in the industry.

Among them is Workhorse, which is a new brand that wants to make an impactful start through the development of an EV pickup truck. Pickup trucks on electrics are something which many are interested to see Tesla produce but they are too slow in doing so.

As such, the Workhorse W-15 pictured above is gaining a lot of attention from the public and a whopping 5,000 individuals have placed an order on the vehicle.

The W-15 has got pretty decent stats as it can cover 80 miles on a full battery and the vehicle also has 460hp to offer. Such a setup may just be enough for daily hauling and the absence of a model from Tesla may allow it to get a strong start in the market.