Tesla Pickup Truck Prototype Has A Debut Date?

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Talks about Tesla working on a pickup truck of their own has been going on for some time now. In fact, it looks like even Elon Mush is getting impateitnce as he is lookign to speed up the laucnh of the truck.

Elon Musk was asked on Twitter if Tesla will have a pikcup truck ready soon, Musk replied saying that the truck’s prototype could be unveiled next year. It is pretty common for Tesla to show off the prototype of their vehicles years before the vehicle is ready so we are not surprise that they might already have a prototype ready.

Based on what they have been releasing so far, seeing the prototype definiley does not mean that hte waiting gmae is over. In fact, it might take a few more years before the production truck arrrives.

Tesla is not the only one rushing to get an electric truck out into the market. Rivian has recently reveal their R1T model which shold be arriving before Tesla’s truck which might benefit Tesla as well as they can see how the market respond to an electric pickup truck.