Tesla Pickup Truck: What Can We Expect?

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Tesla seems to be working to make sure they are competing in all the right segments and that could include the truck segment in a few years time but what would the Tesla Pickup Truck really have to offer.

According to Tesla’s Elon Musk, a pickup truck should be $49k or less which is a pretty attractive price tag for a Tesla model. Musk has also previously indicated that the electric powered Tesla Pickup Truck will be able to offer about 400 to 500miles of range and would be able to sit about six people on top of a full-size truck bed.

All of this sounds like the perfect recipe for a truck but based on what we have seen from Tesla, a truck with all the features mentioned above would probably come with a much higher price tag while the $49k model will be offered with some of the most basic features similar to how the Model 3 was said to come with a $35k price tag but that was offered much later with much fewer features.

Besides Tesla, Rivian is also working on a new electric truck of their own.