Tesla Promises To Swap Reds For Greens From Here Onwards

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Tesla is a green EV automaker that is not exactly green if you are to view the colour from a financial perspective. Since its beginning, billions have been invested by Tesla on the production of their products and the state of things have never changed.

Last quarter basically saw the total loss reaching a new peak of $739.5 and it got a growing number of fans worried for the carmaker. Well, if you’re among them, you should be at ease because the losses are inclusive of previous deficits as well as depreciating assets.

To make it sound more positive, these losses are inclusive of Tesla’s global expansion initiative hence they won’t be spending more from here onwards aside from operational cost. Elon made this known, although vaguely, earlier today and he is confident that the reds will blossom into greens soon.

Elon even quoted that the only threats to the green expectation are unforeseen events, supply constraints and an economic downturn – things that are highly unlikely to happen.