Tesla Software Update Will Add New Features Including Karaoke

The latest V10.0 software update from Tesla will come with a long list of new features for the Tesla model which some being more practical than others.

One of the more interesting features that the update will come with is the new “Smart Summon” which will allow owners to summon their Tesla from the parking spot to them although they will need to have opt for the $5000 full-self driving package. Tesla did advise their customers to only use it when they can actually see their car so that they can evaluate the surrounding first.

Other features that will be coming with the update include the native Spotify suppose which will be available for all Spotify Premium users. There is also the new Tesla Theater Mode where users can connect their Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu to the infotainment system and watch when the vehicle is in park.

There is also a new “Car-aoke” mode which adds an in-car karaoke experience with a huge library of songs. The update will be rolled out the Tesla owners this week in stages.

Author: Staff Reporter

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