Tesla Truck Could Look Like This?

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We already know that Tesla is working on a new truck right now but we still do not know how the trucks will look like when it arrives. Knowing Tesla, it will probably look nothing like the trucks we have seen in the market but could it look like this?

The rendering here was created by artist Emre Husmen who thinks that this should be how the Tesla truck should look like. Elon Musk did say that it is very future like using cyberpunk as a reference and this rendering certainly fits that bill with its small bed, unique shape and interesting lights.

Others think that Tesla will not take things this far as the Model Y was pretty tame but we will have to wait and see.

According to Musk, the upcoming truck will come with an advanced suspension along with a 360-degree camera and sonar. The new truck is also expected to come with a range of 400 to 500 miles.