Tesla Will Entertain Drivers With Netflix & YouTube Service

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Tesla has always been ahead of the infotainment game with game offerings but a future update will make the Tesla even more entertaining to drive in as Tesla announced that their models will be offered for Netflix and Youtube in the future.

Of course, most of us would imagine making our way through the slow traffic watching our favorite Netflix series but that is not the case as these features can only be used when the car is at a stop. However, Musk did add that the option to watch while on the move will be coming that we might still see in the future as regulators approve self-driving abilities which might be very far away.

Elon Musk also added that since the Tesla models come with posh seats with surround sound, the experience will be more immersive and cinematic. Of course, the lower end Tesla-like the Model 3 would enjoy it the most as the display is the wide-aspect screens while the higher-end model has a vertical screen.

With Tesla taking the first step, hopefully, we will see it is on other vehicles as well.