Tesla Will Have Something To Show China?

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It looks like Tesla is cooking up something again as the company release a new teaser hinting that they will be announcing something later this week. However, the announcement will be made in China.

At this point, we still do not know what it is yet but the teaser did offer us a date, 2019.05.31. With the date was a blurry image but nobody seems to be able to guess what it really is.

Some people have already started speculating and thinks that it could be a special edition model of one of their models like the Model 3, Model S or Model X. The limited edition models could be offered with a unique exterior design that would make the models more appealing to the local market.

Others think that it might actually be something that would be related to the Giga factory that Tesla is building in Shanghai. Construction for the factory started back in January and Tesla might have something more to show us.

Thankfully, the wait is not that long so we will be getting our answers soon.