Tesla’s China Conquest Leaving Out Model X & Model S

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Tesla’s second major production plant is on the verge of commencing operations and it is located in China. The Gigafactory is located in Shanghai and reports from earlier today revealed on an interesting little detail about the facility.

It is that the Gigafactory will kick things off with only two vehicles in focus. The first is the Tesla Model 3 and the second is the future Model Y. This goes to suggest that the Model S and the Model X will continue its normal course of being shipped from the US.

It’s a move that makes sense as the Model 3 is the most affordable name from Tesla and it will appeal to the mass market. It will also go well the Gigafactory’s target of 250,000 units produced per calendar year.

Keeping in mind that the Gigafactory will commence operations next year, we could also be seeing Tesla pulling the curtains off the Model Y prior to it. Are you excited?