This Chevrolet Camaro Can Send Dodge Demon Back To The Abyss

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About a month ago, Dodge pulled a stunner when they unveiled the all-new Challenger Demon. The latter manage to be a huge leap forward from the already insane Challenger Hellcat as it became the world’s fastest accelerating car.

Dodge hit their stride when developing the Challenger Demon as they really wanted the car to become the best road-legal stock vehicle on the drag strip. The Challenger Demon came out with 840hp to offer from a V8 engine and it is also considerably lighter than the Challenger Hellcat.

With the Challenger Demon now the benchmark on the drag strip, rival carmakers are now thinking about competing with the vehicle. For one particular Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE however, it is already moving forward in exorcizing the Demon.

The Camaro has got 1000hp to offer and the power came from extensive tuning being applied by Hennessey Performance. The firm created such tunings just so they can compete with the Challenger Demon hence they have called their creation the Camaro Exorcist.

But of course, Hennessey has yet to share on the performance figures of the tuned Camaro Exorcist. Whether its 1000hp output can send the Dodge Demon back into the abyss remains to be answered.