This Ford F-150 Tries Out Mustang DNA!

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What you are looking at above is not your ordinary Ford F-150. The pickup truck in the picture is a heavily modified F-150 that can generate an unbeatable performance.

Ford released the picture earlier today as a message that the F-150 in the photo will be showcased at SEMA and it is called the F-150 RTR Muscle Truck Concept. The name muscle is commonly associated with the Mustangs hence its usage on the F-150 suggests on a Mustang-like performance.

True enough, the early details are pointing to an insane performance as the F-150 Concept will have more than 600hp to offer from a 5L V8 engine. Such an output will make the vehicle more powerful than the F-150 Raptor and we can’t wait to see how it performs.

The full details will be out at SEMA in about a fortnight from now and we can expect the concept to turn into a tuning package for the F-150 in the near future. Are you excited?