This Ford Mustang Tries GT’s Bulging Taillights

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If we haven’t mentioned Ford Mustang in the title above, it will probably take you some time to figure out the car in the embedded picture. So, what about this particular Mustang that deserves a slot on our page?

The answer is with the taillights that have been redesigned to look like those from Ford’s halo supercar – the Ford GT. The GT is built with bulging taillights that pop outwards and this has been replicated on the Mustang.

Such a minor change in design actually left us debating amongst ourselves on the identity of the vehicle above and it took us a while to accept that it is a Mustang.

The taillight redesign is a one-off customized project by the owner and we find its application on the Mustang to be a little awkward. But after a lengthy staring contest with the photo, the GT-like Mustang actually grew on us and we hope that we are not the only one here.