This Jeep Wrangler Design Can Never Disappoint Fans

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We have already seen the official artist impression of the next-gen Wrangler but the image does not tell much on the things that will feature on the 4×4. So when a photo of the Wrangler JLU got leaked online earlier today, we can’t help but expect great things from the vehicle.

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As how you can see above, the image was shared on JL Wrangler Forums and it is claimed to be the real thing. The thing that makes it exciting is the doors and roofs of the Wrangler JLU, which will be fully removable.

Everything about the design parallels the poster photo of the Wrangler from Jeep and those that have viewed it are pleased with what they are seeing.

But of course, to call the next-gen Wrangler a revolution from the current model may sound inaccurate because the vehicle looks not too different from the ones available today. The full details on the next-gen Wrangler are likely to get released at the next New York Auto Show.