This Special Wrangler Proves Jeep Can Be Nutty

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The problem with the average enthusiasts today is that they want something fun but are not willing to pay for it. Several polls have proved that the middle to lower income car enthusiasts are willing to adopt a nice car but in used condition just to save more financially.

As such, it creates a problem for the carmakers, namely Jeep, as they need to pursue sales to survive in the market. On the other hand, failing to create something fun will see it getting bombarded with unforgiving comments.

You can already see it happening back when Jeep launched the Renegade and brought back the Compass. Many lower income enthusiasts were caught being the loudest in condemning the vehicles from Jeep. But when Jeep happens to create something fun, they tend to wait for a used model.

Despite the pursuit of volume, Jeep showed that they can still be fun and this is evident in the picture above. What you are looking at is a Wrangler that has been converted into a hot-rod. We never expected this from Jeep and it proves that the brand can get nutty whenever they want to.