Toyota 4Runner, Tundra & Sienna No Longer Deprived Of A Successor!

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Most, if not all vehicles produced by Toyota will end up being a bestseller in their respective segment and this goes to show the huge trust consumers have on the company.

Despite the goodness that is with Toyota, fans can’t be at ease and this is due to the carmaker’s lengthy delay in launching sequel vehicles of their aging models.

Some that are worth mentioning today include the 4Runner, Tundra and the Sienna. All three cars are built on a decade-old platform with dated driving features. Successors are needed if Toyota wishes to enjoy record-breaking sales figures again and they will also appease the fans while at it.

The good news here is that Toyota is aware of the aging 4Runner, Tundra and Sienna and they have made it known that all three vehicles will be getting replaced with newer models within the next 3 years.

The timing makes sense as Toyota had just finished creating a brand-new platform and they can now proceed to developing the aforementioned vehicles.