Toyota 86 Coupe Not Dead Yet?

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Earlier this week, there were rumors about Toyota possibly ending the Toyota 86 Coupe model not that they have the Toyota Supra but according to Toyota, those rumors were not real at all.

The current Toyota 86 was released a few years ago which is why the fans were expecting to see a successor. According to JapaneseNostalgicCar, the Toyota 86 aong with its twin, the Subaru BRZ will not be getting a successor and that the Supra will be taking the place of the 86.

Well, Toyota has since responded by saying that they are commited to building more exciting vehcles and that includes sports cars. The TOyota 86 has been with them since 2013 and they plan to keep it around for a little while more.

While it is nice to hear that the 86 might not be ending anytime soon, there is still a lot that Toyota will need to do to make the 86 great and that includes more power as also addrssing some of the negative comments that their owners had of the vehicle.