Toyota Confident In Fuel Cell Future

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While most automaker seems to be betting on electric powertrain, some automakers like Toyota still thinks that fuel cell might be a good alternative as well.

In fact, they are one of the very few automakers that actually have a fuel cell vehicle to offer. While the Toyota Mirai does check the box when it comes to having a greener engine, the vehicle is not exactly affordable and is only offered in California right now.

However, Toyota thinks that think will improve significantly for fuel cell vehicles in the future when the price of fuel cell vehicle starts to drop in a few year time.

They seem confident that fuel cell powered model will cost as much as hybrid models when the third gen models start arriving. Seeing as we currently only have the first gen model, it will be years before the third-gen arrives which means fuel cell engines still have some ways to go but it is also clear that Toyota is not giving up on it yet.