Toyota Dominates Volume, Sales & Search Engine

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If you are able to find an individual that have not heard of the name Toyota, then you are probably the luckiest person to ever walk on this earth. The name Toyota is really popular in the automotive industry and the Japanese brand is the highest volume carmaker in the world.

Everywhere it goes, Toyota always managed to find a way to achieve great sales figures and this is why they are successful. Sure, most enthusiasts might be bored of the name Toyota but this is not the case for the consumers.

KaizenSearch confirmed earlier today that Toyota is the most searched term in the world. The name Toyota dominates various search engines and this is followed by BMW. At the bottom of the list is Toyota’s old rival, Mitsubishi.

Even in North America, Toyota managed to hold top spot as the most searched car brands right now. The Japanese carmaker managed to beat the likes of Ford, GM and Fiat-Chrysler. You can check out the full car search terms demographics here.