Toyota FJ Cruiser May Return If Ford Bronco Succeeds

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Ford has confirmed that the Bronco will be making a return soon and it will come in the form of a new generation model. It has been two decades since the Bronco faced the axe and this has allowed Jeep Wrangler to enjoy a free pass in sales.

The Wrangler had to fend off little competition from less popular vehicles, namely the Toyota FJ Cruiser. The latter may have a respectable appearance but its poor performance forced Toyota to pull the vehicle out of the market.

As such, the next-gen Bronco will play a big role in determining the fate of the affordable 4×4 segment. If the Bronco comes out good, it will spice up the market thus inviting other carmakers to join in the fight. Even Toyota is closely monitoring the situation after admitting their interest in the 4×4 segment through a recent interview.

Toyota may not have mentioned on the FJ Cruiser but we feel that the already recognized nameplate can still play a major role in competing against the Bronco and the Wrangler.