Toyota GR Yaris: Pricing Will Give It An Edge Over Volkswagen GTI

The Toyota GR Yaris has a lot to offer but so does the Volkswagen GTI model but the Toyota model might have a slight edge over the Volkswagen model thanks to its competitive pricing.

The Toyota GR Yaris will be coming in with a 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine that will be offering about 268hp. According to Toyota, the Toyota GR Yaris in the UK will be sold for 29,995 pounds.

Compared to the Volkswagen GTI model which was announced to be coming in with a 33,000 pounds price tag and the Honda Civic Type R with its 32,000 price tag, the Toyota GR Yaris feels like a bargain.

Sadly, it does not look like Toyota plans to bring the GR Yaris over to the USsince the Yaris is not something that has been offering in the US. They did ask their fans if it should be offered in the US so maybe they are thinking about it?

Author: Staff Reporter

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