Toyota Highlander Gets Design Advice From RAV4?

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We should be seeing more three-row crossover getting added to the market with one of them being the Toyota Highlander which was cuaght getting tested out in the open.

The vehicle was heavily covered on cardboard so most of the design could not be seen but with what we get to see, the vehicle does remind us a lot of the Toyota RAV4 model.

Features like the grille in the front matches what the RAV4 is offering right now. The rear design also reminded us of the Toyota RAV4 model. It is speculated that the vehicle would be fitted with a 301hp V6 engine and 203hp inline four engine from the Camry. A hybrid might also be added in the future.

We should also see it coming with an all-wheel drive system. WIth the prototype now looking almost ready, the unveiling should not be too far away.