Toyota Hybrid: Sharing Is Caring

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Toyota is offering their EV-related tech for free but there is a catch. Accoridng to the automaker, their rivals can use their hybrid tech royalty free.

However, if the rival would like to get hold of their 24,000 patens of EV tech, they will have to use Toyota’s motors, batteries, control ECUs and other parts that would be related to the EV powertrain.

Toyota said that they can see EV playing a bigger role in the aumobile market in 10 years time and that they wanted to be a part of making it happen faster.

In fact, Toyota is not the only one that is looking to offer the EV tech to their rivals, Volskwagen has just announcde their they will be licensing their MED architecture to rival companies as well to accelerate the development of EV engines.

The Toyota patents will be offered until 2030.