Toyota & Lexus To Offer Three EVs In Two Years?

Automakers are all rushing to put out new EV models now that it looks like there is more demand for it and it looks like we will be seeing more come from Lexus and Toyota as it was reported that the automakers could drop three EV models before 2021.

According to Autocar, it was reported that they will be offering more EV models in the near future but they are not ready to reveal which models will be getting the update just yet.

While we do not know much right now, we do know that both Lexus and Toyota will be heading to the Tokyo Motor Show where they will be showing off the new Toyota LQ concept and a new electric vehicle from Lexus.

On top of EV models, Toyota and Lexus will also be working more hybrid options into their lineup which will also help secure them in Europe as the region updates its emission standards.

Author: Staff Reporter

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