Toyota MR2 Revival May Force Out Honda S2000 Early!

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Toyota’s all-out behaviour to expand on their performance line-up has certainly made them exciting again and this has placed the limelight on rival Honda.

Unlike Toyota, Honda is content with just having the Civic Type R as the only affordable sports car that is available in the US. The carmaker has no expressive interest to revive other sports cars from the past, namely S2000.

Well, this may change in the near future as Toyota had just confirmed on their interest to revive the MR2 once they are done with the creation of the Supra. The next-gen MR2 will finally offer the Mazda MX-5 Miata a good fight and it may tempt Honda to hasten the development of the next S2000.

Honda has said before that the S2000 is a once-in-a-decade car. This means that they will only produce a single model for a single decade. We are already in a new decade and there is still no sign of the S2000. With the next MR2 practically confirmed, Honda may start spilling the beans on the S2000 soon.