Toyota Next PHEV To Take Tips From Tesla

Toyota is looking to offer more PHEV models in China and it was reported that some of the models will be powered by the same Panasonic Corp batteries that were designed for the Tesla models.

The cylindrical batteries are said to be fitted in the new Toyota Corolla and Levin plug-in hybrid sedans in China this year. However, while the battery size is the same, the composition is different.

So far, both Panasonic and Toyota are not willing to say anything to confirm or deny the rumor but it was speculated that the automaker might have already ordered about 50,000 units of the cylindrical batteries from Panasonic pushing the battery plant to its full capacity.

So far, Tesla have been getting all their battery cell from Panasonic but it was also reported that the automaker could also be talking to LG Chem Ltd for diversify their sources.

Author: Staff Reporter

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