Toyota Prius Looking Into The Sky For Some Power

While EV models have been picking up pace in recent times, some people are still worried about the hassle of having to charge up the vehicle for a long time every time it runs out of battery but Toyota might be looking at the sun for some help.

Toyota is working on a new project that has led them to fit the Toyota Prius with a solar panel on the hood, roof, rear window and spoiler. The panels were designed by Sharp Corp and will be storing energy straight into the drive battery. That means the Prius will be able to keep charging even when it is moving.

According to the studies, on a good day, the solar panels will be able to charge up to 35miles but those numbers might vary if it was a cloudy day or if it becomes too hot.

Of course, with this kind of features, some obstacles that Toyota will have to overcome will be the cost of the vehicle as well as the weight.

Author: Staff Reporter

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