Toyota Prius May Suffer A Fiery End!

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The Toyota Prius is a proven leader in the hybrid scene – even when the latest generation model has never been able to achieve decent sales. Toyota is seriously having a tough time moving the new Prius and they only have themselves to blame for making the car visually unattractive.

Well, if bad sales are not enough, an investigation has discovered a massive flaw with Toyota’s hybrid mechanism that can cause a fire to happen. The in-house investigation discovered that there are bad wires within the hybrid system that may short-circuit and create fire whenever an ignition happens.

At the moment, we have yet to hear of any inferno caused by the issue and Toyota isn’t planning to wait until one before solving the problem. As such, the carmaker has announced a global recall that involve both the Prius and C-HR from 2016 to 2018.

The Prius is already dwindling in numbers and losing its position as a hybrid leader to newer rivals. At this rate, the fiery recall may just be that big push for Toyota to give the Prius that much-needed rebranding.