Toyota RAV4: The Return Of Power Window Haunting?

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Toyota is regarded by many as the carmaker that produces the most long-lasting vehicles in the entire universe. It is just rare to come across a Toyota that is prone to mechanical failures and most recalls from the company are often about a minor issue.

Even with that in mind, it is still wrong to call the Toyota as the perfect brand. Believing so may leave you complacent thus making you prone to danger.

This is what a RAV4 owner experienced last week when his RAV4 turned into an inferno in Louisiana. The RAV4 was being driven around for a short while before coming to a stop mid-way in the journey. As the driver tried to inspect the vehicle for any performance fault, a fire broke out.

The cause of the massive fire is unknown at the moment but we can be glad knowing that the firefighters didn’t take too long to kill the fire. However, the manner in which the RAV4 was burning reminded us of the short-circuiting master window switch that has caused fires on the 2007/2009 RAV4s.

If the same problem is found on the newer RAV4, Toyota will be at risk of losing their grip on the reliability throne. All will be revealed when NHTSA reveals their report on the case.