Toyota Sizing Down Towards Ford Baby Bronco Rivalry?

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It is official. By 2020, Ford will launch at least three new utility-focussed, all-terrain vehicles and they include the Ranger, Bronco and the tentatively-named Baby Bronco.

The Ranger is a midsized pickup truck that will go on sale by Q1 next year. The Bronco, on the other hand, will be a Wrangler-rivalling SUV that is expected to arrive in early 2020. As for the Baby Bronco, it will be a compact 4-door version of the Bronco for greater on-road focus.

The Baby Bronco is the vehicle which nobody expected to happen at all – not even Toyota. Much like Ford, the Japanese carmaker is hoping to launch several new utility-focussed vehicles by 2020 and among them is a compact off-road-tailored SUV.

Nobody knows exactly on what this vehicle will be called but that has changed today after insiders quoted that the all-terrain SUV is actually the next-gen Suzuki Jimny. The Jimny is a popular compact off-roader in the regions it is launched in and its success has got Toyota negotiating with Suzuki on a rebadge deal for the US market.

If the insiders are right, the Toyota Jimny will be the closest rival for Ford’s Baby Bronco. The question is will it happen?