Toyota & Subaru Working Together On EV Crossover Platform

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It looks like we will be seeing more electric crossovers coming our way as Toyota and Subaru announce they will be working together to come out with a new battery-electric crossover platform that can be used on multiple production vehicle.

According to the reports, the first vehicle that we will see riding on the platform will be a C-segment vehicle that will have a similar size of a Toyota RAV4 or Subaru Forester model.

After that, the platform will also be used for medium-small C-segment sedans and D-segment vehicles which means we will be seeing more EV models coming from both automakers.

The collaboration between the two would help solve the issue of automakers having to make a huge investment to take part in the new race for all-battery electric cars and self-driving cars. No word on when we will see this new platform on the road.