Toyota Supra Only Showing Half Its Power

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It is pretty common to see automakers downplay the capabilities of their vehicles to be on the safe side but what we did not expect was for Toyota to downplay it to the point where they almost cut the numbers in half.

A few weeks ago, Car and Driver magazine reported that the Supre is capable of offering about 339hp and 427lb ft of torque when they hook it up to the Dynojet dynamometer. This week, Moter Trend reported that when they strapped the Supra on, the numbers came up to 332hp and 387lb ft of torque.

Of course, on the road, we also have to consider the region, weather, tester and dyno variations and all these could ultimately affect the numbers that the car is able to produce but it is still surprising to see how much more the Supra could actually offer in the right condition.

Toyota is not the only one downplaying their outputs as the BMW Z4 was also reported with a lower performance number than those put out by magazines.