Toyota TJ Cruiser Won’t Be Related To Tacoma?

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We now that Toyota is working on a few more new SUV models as they made it clear during the LA Auto Show last year but they did not elaborate on the kind of SUVs we will be seeing from them.

According to rumors, one of the SUV that Toyota will be working on will be coming in to compete with the Jeep Wrangler. Known tentatively as the TJ Cruiser, it is believed that the SUV will be build based on the Toyota Tacoma.

However, others think this is not possible as Toyota already have an SUV that is based on the Tacoma called the Toyota 4Runner so it does not make sense that they would have two models based on the same truck.

Others think that the TJ Cruise will be based on a new platform with a unique setup. Of course, this is not Toyota first attempt at taking on the Wrangler. There was also the FJ Cruise which ended up being a flop.