Toyota To Bring New Hot Hatch Into The US?

It was recently announced that Toyota will be working on a new Toyota GR Yaris model and while we won’t be getting that here, it looks like Toyota is still looking to offer something powerful here in the US.

According to Car & Driver, Toyota already has an answer for the GR Yaris here in the US and that the new hot hatch will be the hotter version of a model that is already being offered in the US.

It is bleve that the new model will come powered by a 1.6-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Some poeple have started speculating that the model could be a hot Corolla hatchback model.

It does not sound too outrageous since it is bigger than the Yaris but does ride on the same platform. There were rumors suggesting that a GR Corolla is in the works and that we will be seeing it in 2023 but is this the model that Toyota is hinting right now?

Author: Staff Reporter

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